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For me, it's all about dedication.


 At 19 years old I decided to fully commit my life to lure making and continuously improving. It didn't seem like the most secure choice at the time. Knowing nothing about the craft starting out; they were hardly recognizable as fishing lures. Yet, my childhood bedroom turned into a workshop. Lure making was on my mind 24/7. Rolling out of bed to inspect how yesterday's clear coats cured was a great way to start the day. I'd also take projects out to my dad's garage, where the power tools resided, as often as possible. With woodchips all over the carpet, and the smell of polyurethane in the air; time was taken to learn with what little I had. Metaphorically, all my eggs went into the lure making basket.

Since then, I've made thousands of unique wooden fishing lures, and the journey far exceeded expectations. From being a nobody in the industry attempting to sell my work starting eBay auctions at .99 cents, to the most recognized lure maker in the world; it's inconceivable how grateful I am for the lure making community. All the years of practice, patience, and determination has led to inspiring and teaching the methods I've learned, so you can fish with your own masterpiece.

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The Fish with Your Masterpiece lure making course is where I store all of my bait making knowledge. It's a place where twelve years of gained experience in this craft are concentrated into result focused videos. Every technique I use, all of the lure templates I have, and all of the knowledge necessary for you to fish with your own masterpiece is here.      

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Hi, great video! You've helped to inspire me into lure making myself. I'm making wooden swimbaits and constantly looking at your videos for guidance on how to do certain parts. Keep it up!

Making a shark lure

Nano Walking Bait | One Day Build to Catch

Your channel has inspired me to start making my own fishing lures.


Your channel has inspired me to start making my own fishing lures.

Nano Walking Bait | One Day Build to Catch

My son is making custom spoon lures and selling them. You inspired us to try making some of our own.

River Bank Build to Catch | Bottle Cap Lip Cotton Wood Bark CrankBait

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