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Just be careful not to snag it.

The Fish with Your Masterpiece course is the ultimate wooden lure making guide. It's my complete process, step by step, to crafting the highest quality baits formatted into easily digestible lessons starting from lure template to the final clear coat. 

It doesn't end there. So long as this bait maker is still breathing, I'll be making new content to add to this course. There's a massive amount of lure types, paint schemes, and techniques that I look forward to going over with you in detail. 

In addition to all of that you'll forever have access to an exclusive community where the fellas and I can share creations, discuss ideas, and receive helpful feedback.  

Big expensive power tools are NOT necessary.

Hand tools can be used to achieve the same results and I show you how!

Made for all skill levels.

From beginners to advanced bait makers, learn the skills and master techniques to gain confidence and improve with ease.

Learn at your own pace.

With immediate life time access to all course material you can improve in the craft no matter how busy your life may be.

Make the most of your time!

Expedite the years-long process of learning to craft the highest quality fishing lures.

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"The value you get from a one time LIFETIME fee is well worth all the skills and knowledge gained.

It's truly like a college class."

"I had a deep fear of detail carving before taking this course. This resulted in very amateur-looking designs. Since taking the Fish with Your Masterpiece course my lure making skills have taken a visually remarkable step forward. The feedback on my lures across all social platforms is extremely positive. I really enjoy the step by step videos that go along with the downloadable lure templates. Being able to rewind or rewatch a certain step or skill is invaluable. The enjoyment I get from this course is well worth the cost alone. I make lures because I enjoy the process. The course makes me enjoy it even more!"

- Adam

"I'm colorblind and basecoats and stencils are pretty straightforward but matching that basecoat with a specific gill color was difficult. I've learned lots of tricks on painting alone and I'm super grateful."

"The community is encouraging and supportive but most importantly active. I have chatted with some amazing people, my baits have become more refined and my clear coats have improved dramatically."


"The content is first rate. The amount of information is a deal for what is paid."

"My challenges were coming up with a design and painting. My carving and painting have improved immensely and my confidence in my ability has grown too. I really enjoy interacting with the bait making community as well as creating. I have enjoyed Nate's YouTube videos for years. They inspired me to make my own lures. How hard can it be? It is very hard to make a lure that has a good action and looks good. The course gave me the information that Nate has accumulated over the years to make my baits better."

- Steve

There are NO secrets here!

 Marling Baits unleashed.

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