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The Fish with Your Masterpiece course is the ultimate wooden lure making guide. It's my complete process, step by step, to crafting the highest quality baits formatted into easily digestible lessons starting from lure template to the final clear coat. 

It doesn't end there. So long as this bait maker is still breathing, I'll be making new content to add to this course. There's a massive amount of lure types, paint schemes, and techniques that I look forward to going over with you in detail. 

In addition to all of that you'll forever have access to an exclusive community where the fellas and I can share creations, discuss ideas, and receive helpful feedback.  

Big expensive power tools are NOT necessary.

Hand tools can be used to achieve the same results and I show you how!

Made for all skill levels.

From beginners to advanced bait makers, learn the skills and master techniques to gain confidence and improve with ease.

Learn at your own pace.

With immediate life time access to all course material you can improve in the craft no matter how busy your life may be.

Make the most of your time!

Expedite the years-long process of learning to craft the highest quality fishing lures.

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There are NO secrets here!

 Marling Baits unleashed.

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